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Nov 14, 2012 9:00am PST
technology in earth moving. now, in southern california and in many other areas as well, there are seasonal fluctuations in the lake level. typically, lake levels are low in the summer, but whatever season they're low, earth-moving equipment can come in and excavate these sands from the dry foreshore area. the foreshore deltas in these reservoirs contain most of the beach-size sand, and these will be high and dry when lake levels are low. so they can be collected with standard earth-moving equipment and trucked directly to the beach or reintroduced to the stream beds downstream. if there is technology and engineering available for transporting sand around dams, why isn't this being done? one reason may be that many scientists originally rejected the idea that dams actually contribute to erosion. but that is no longer the case. the problem currently seems to be that the value of sand as a coastal resource may still not be fully recognized. a lot of this sand is already excavated by sand and gravel companies for construction material. it should be treated as a public resource and a f
Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
transform, which really underlies sort of all of modern digital technology. >> it undoes all of your odd waveforms into their component pieces. >> and you can start manipulating the frequencies. [ synthesizer plays ] >> welcome to moog music. we build analog musical synthesizers in the tradition of bob moog, who is one of the pioneers of electronic music. my name is cyril lance, and i'm a design engineer here. let's take a little tour of the factory. all right, here we are out on the production floor. this is where we build all our synthesizers and musical equipment. this is where we install all the circuit boards, and aaron is taking our front panels and putting everything together so that we can start attaching the actual circuits. synthesizers, as we make them, are electronic instruments. and they can have the form of a keyboard or they can have the form of a module that can be controlled by many things: pedals, any type of input device. the synthesizers create sine waves. a sine wave is a periodic waveform, and it's really one of the pure waveforms. sine waves relate to fourier s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2